How to make an ebook with Figma in minutes

Browser Kit for Figma

The only smart component you'd need to manage your screenshots in Figma designs.

Browser Kit for Figma - One smart component to rule them all | Product Hunt

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Package your design into the browser in one click

Get design feedback faster with Browser Kit. Browser Kit solves the problem of getting screenshot feedback with Figma designs.

All modern browsers

Browser Kit contains Google Chome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, EDGE, as well as their mobile, Mac and Windows versions.

Simple and easy resize

The browser interface is resizable, so you can specify the size you want.

Flexible customization

Quickly change the style, name, address and Favicon of your site.

Download a free demo version of Browser Kit

Creating digital products is hard. We all go through many iterations until we get the final result. This often means a lot of documentation along the way, assets and notes for every separate phase of development.eBook UI Kit makes it easy to create striking marketing and sales materials.


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Showcase your designs with ease

Chrome, Safari, Opera, Edge, Firefox, Generic browser (Bonus). Desktop and mobile layouts supported. Dark, light and 'artsy' themes available. Switch between Windows and Mac. Use modals and notifications.

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